Your event, your ticket sales

Instant payments, made daily

In a competitive industry with sell-out performers and key suppliers requiring payment in advance, prompt access to sales revenue is essential to the management and success of your event.

Gone are the days of waiting until after your event has finished to receive your ticket sales revenue. Ticket Room’s unique Direct Payments technology allows you to receive daily ticket sales revenue as sales occur, directly into your bank account.

Ideal for event organisers with frequent events, our booking system works in conjunction with our banking partners to provide a unique ticketing solution that will revolutionise your company’s operations. We’ll handle the set-up process so you can focus on organising great events, providing a seamless disruption-free switchover to our direct payments solution.

Increase profit

If receiving sales revenue directly wasn’t enough, by signing up for one of our bespoke licencing solutions, you’ll also have full control over the booking fees and transaction fees for your event tickets.

Whether keeping the fees in place to cover your events overheads, or removing them to reduce your ticket buyers' final cost, Ticket Room’s licencing solutions are designed to give full control back to the event organiser.

Our licencing solutions are bespoke and tailored to fit your events' size and needs. Please contact us on the number below, or use the enquiry button to request a call back.

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