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Branded Pages

Our custom branding module allows for full customisation of the branding of all buyer web pages on our system, ensuring delivery of your brand is never interrupted.

With flexibility in mind, Ticket Room allows one brand to be used across all your web pages, or for individual separate brands to be in place for each of your events, venues, performers and promoter pages, perfect for managing multiple brands and event themes.

Bespoke features and solutions available

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Allowing event ticket purchases to be made from your website doesn’t require your own in-house ticketing system.

Ticket Room’s widget tool allows you to embed the full ticketing process into your own website, allowing buyers to select tickets, log in and make payments without leaving your website.

Public pages

Public pages can be fully customised to match your given brand, whether for your venue, performer or promotions.

With the ability to create as many custom public pages as you require, you can manage and advertise multiple brands independently.

Each public brand page can be set to display photos, video, audio and a listing of your forthcoming events, with full control over which events are displayed to ensure only those relating to the correct brand (i.e. a certain venue or performer) are listed on each page.

Designed to cater for all events

Direct URLs

Creating your own Ticket Room URL allows you to advertise an easy-to-remember URL that will forward buyers straight to specific pages set by you on our system, whether it’s your next event or brand listing page.

URLs can be created instantly and their landing page settings updated within seconds from your seller’s account.

Private Events

If you’re hosting an event that’s for a specific and controlled audience (i.e. university students or members only), our private event features ensure your event is not advertised to the general public and requires your purchasers to enter credentials set by you (such as their student ID or membership number) to buy tickets.

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